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Winter Veggies
Are you looking for seeds for your fall/winter vegetable garden? We have a limited supply of seeds available. Fill out an online form to request up to 4 packets of seeds.

Please enter your phone and/or email so we can contact you if we have any questions. 

We can either mail the seeds to you or make an appointment for you to pick up the seeds during curbside pickup.

Seed requests accepted while supplies last until August 14, 2020.

Limited to residents with a 97361 zip code.

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What is a Seed Library?

A collection of donated seeds
(vegetable, herb & flower) that are available to both patrons and non-patrons of the Monmouth Public Library. (You don't need a library card to use the Seed Library, but we'll be happy to make one for you) Our hope is that you will use this opportunity to grow some vegetables and perhaps donate a few to the local food banks. Seed packets are free - adults may check out 3 packets of seeds per day!

If you have never gardened before this is your opportunity to give it a try without having to invest a great deal of money. You might only want to grow a few herbs or a row of carrots. A tomoato can be raised in a bucket on a back deck. Herbs can be raised on your kitchen window sill. Perhaps you've always wanted to try a certain vegetable but didn't want to purchase a whole seed packet - this is your chance to try something new. 

We will offer classes throughout the spring and summer to give you information and support for your gardening efforts.
How does the Seed Library work?
The Seed Library operates on an honor system. You become a member automatically when you withdraw seeds to plant. At this time, adults may check out 3 seed packets a day (this may change depending upon our supply of seeds). We have a variety of seeds available. Our seeds tend to be over a year old but you should still get good germination. 

I have extra seeds, can I donate them to the library?
We will accept donated seeds that are in their original packaging and are no more than 3 years old. If you open the seed packets carefully you can maintain the planting directions for others to follow. This holds true for seeds you get from the Seed Library.
Do I bring the vegetables I grow to the library?
No. We're not equipped for that. We simply ask that, as a way of paying-it-forward, you share your harvest with family, friends, neighbors and/or the local food banks. You can also share left-over seeds with family, friends and neighbors.
When will you hold classes and workshops?
Days, times and subjects of classes will vary. Flyers will be posted in the library and information will be posted on the Monthly Activity Calendar. We also have a Facebook page you can follow -
Classes and related gardening information will be posted periodically on the Facebook page. 
Donations in 2015

A huge Thank You to the following businesses and organizations for their
generous donations to our Seed Library:
Hi-School Pharmacy - Independence

Monmouth Hardware - Monmouth

 Donations in 2016

A huge Thank You to the following businesses and organizations for their
generous donations to our Seed Library:

High Mowing Seeds 

Hi-School Pharmacy - Independence

Wilco Farm Stores - Lebanon and Corvallis stores

        Garland Nursery - Corvallis

Marion-Polk Food Share - Salem

Donations in 2017

A huge Thank You to the following businesses and organizations for their
generous donations to our Seed Library:

Bi-Mart - Monmouth
Hi-School Pharmacy - Independence

Garland Nursery - Corvallis

Quail Flats Farm - Independence