Leaf Pick-Up
Residential leaf pickup is provided by the Public Works Department as a free service to City of Monmouth residents from November through December. This service helps to reduce the impact of leaves on the City's storm water system, rivers and wetlands.

2019 Leaf Pick Up Schedule
(Updated 10.2019)

Important Things to Know:

  • We encourage you to use your yard debris bin first. If you have more leaves then your bin can handle, then please use our pickup program as your secondary resource. This will save money for our street maintenance program. If you have additional yard debris we encourage you to contact Brandt's Sanitary Service Inc. to learn more about their yard debris recycling program. 503.838.0464

  • To minimize the time that leaf piles are on the City streets affecting parking and drainage, place leaves out only during the days listed above.

  • Pile your leaves in the street, leaving a minimum of one foot between the curb and the leaf pile.

  • Leaf piles should not block the flow of storm water along the curb, cover storm catch basins, or encroach the traffic lane.

  • Park vehicles at least five feet away from leaf piles to allow equipment room to safely pick up leaf piles.

  • We will not pick up leaf piles if they contain grass trimmings, limbs, or other yard debris.

  • Commercial landscape firms are required to collect and haul away all landscape debris.

  • After December 27th the property owner is responsible for disposal of leaves from their property.

  • The dumping of leaves or any other yard debris on City streets is a violation of Ordinance 44.415 and could result in a citation.

Thank you for your cooperation, this allows us to continue to provide this valuable service to the residents of Monmouth, while limiting the cost that comes from the Street Maintenance Department.