Arts & Culture Commission
This Commission meets the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Volunteer Hall.

The Arts and Culture Commission was created to encourage opportunities for recognition of art and culture in the City of Monmouth and make recommendations to the City Council regarding public arts and cultural development in the City.

Their duties include providing coordination and communication among groups and individuals engaged in art and cultural activities, including coordination of events to showcase the abilities of area artists. Their responsibilities include identifying funding sources, identifying groups and organizations that could bring art and cultural activities and enrichment to the City. They are responsible for developing a five year plan for art and cultural activities.

Ordinance 1290 Arts and Culture Commission

Meet the Members
Kurt Kuczynski

Judith Maule

Shelby Morgan

Ellen Osborn

 Jeanette Moore
Judy Phipps
Tracy Arras

Phyllis Bolman
Staff Support

Cecelia Koontz
Council Liaison