Sign-up or Change Utility Service


Utility Sign-up:


To apply for utility service each applicant is required to complete and sign a Utility Account Application below:



Completed applications must be presented in person at City Hall, 151 Main St. W. Monmouth, OR 97361 along with the following:

1) Photo ID

2) A Non-refundable Service Fee

Electric Service Fee:                 $   15.00

Water Service Fee:                    $     5.00

3) A Refundable Deposit

Electric Deposit:                        $  160.00

Water Deposit:                           $    40.00

Note: Deposits only apply to Renters (non-property owners)


Additional Information on Deposits:

Deposits apply only to renters (non-property owners) regardless of their account history at previous utilities.  Only a renter’s landlord can authorize a deposit waiver.  Landlords wishing to authorize a waiver should contact our billing office at 503-838-0722.  Utility deposits are held by the City until the utility account is terminated.  They accrue interest and are fully refundable.  Upon account termination, the deposit is applied to the final utility bill, and any remaining funds are forwarded to the address provided by the terminating customer.  Also, renters who move to a new address in Monmouth, cannot transfer their deposit to their new utility account.  Deposits are address specific and are applied to the final balance upon account termination.



Suspend or Terminate Utility Service:


Terminating a Utility Account:

Utility account holders who are moving should come to City Hall at 151 Main St. W. Monmouth OR, 97361 prior to the date they would like to terminate service and do the following:

    1) Initial their application authorizing account termination

    2) Provide the date service to be taken out of their name

    3) Provide a forwarding address


Vacation Status Requests:

If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period (a couple of months or more) you can request to place your utility account on vacation status.  This will protect your services from being disconnected if your account becomes delinquent while you’re away.  To request that your utility account be placed on vacation status, complete the Vacation Status Request Form and bring it in to City Hall at 151 Main St. W. Monmouth, OR 97361 for processing and payment information.


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