Waivers and Utility Adjustments


Sewer Charge Evaluation Requests:

Water that comes into a home or business must also leave that home or business.  So all water services also are billed for sewer service unless the water service is exclusively for irrigation. 


Sewer utility charges are a flat monthly fee that’s based on annualized water consumption specific to each water service.  Annualized water consumption is calculated by averaging what are typically the lowest water consumption months of the year (Nov, Dec, Feb, and Mar).  In an effort to further reduce the charge, the month of these four with the highest water consumption is excluded as part of the calculation.  The 3 remaining months are multiplied by 4 to get the annualized water usage at each water service. 


The sewer charge for each water account is determined by dividing the annualized water usage by 9500 (one Residential Equivalent Unit).  This amount is multiplied by the sewer base fee to determine the monthly sewer charge on at each service.  The lowest sewer charge is the base fee.  See the links below for current sewer rates.


            - Sewer Utility Rates


Call our billing office at 503-838-0722 if you have questions or would like to request an evaluation of your sewer charges.



Water Leak Refund Requests:

Occasionally water leaks occur.  Water leaks on the customer side of the City water meter are the responsibility of the customer.   However, to provide assistance to customers and promote goodwill, the City will consider refunding half of the estimated excess water usage for up to the two most recent months of the leak once the leak has been repaired.   Refund consideration requires the following:

1) Completion of the Water Leak Refund Request Form

2) Attachment of leak repair receipts (originals or copies) to the request form



Fee Waiver Requests:

If your account has been assessed a “penalty” fee, such as a late fee, a disconnect fee, or a non-sufficient funds fee, you may qualify for a waiver.  Fee waiver consideration requires the completion of a Fee Waiver Request Form.  If the fee was the result of a billing error, the fee waiver will be granted.  If it was not, customer account history will determine eligibility for the waiver as follows:

1) At least one continuous year of account history is required

2) No more than two “penalty” charges within the last year on the account

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