Community Development

In conjunction with the Planning Commission, Historic Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, and the Tree Advisory Board, Community Development improves the quality of life for Monmouth residents through the development of policies and programs reflecting current planning trends, legal requirements, and community needs. The Community Development Department helps develop and implement various community projects. The Department is also responsible for economic development, including marketing, tourism and local event planning. The Community Development Department provides a wide variety of services to help bring undeveloped and redevelopable land into better use.  The Department administers the City Comprehensive Plan, the Development Code, and the Zoning map. 

Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month during January through June and September through December.  The Commission takes a summer recess during July and August, but does schedule special meetings, if needed, to review land use applications.  Meetings start at 7:00 pm and are located in Volunteer Hall (144 Warren St. S). The public is welcome. For more information, please go to the Planning Commission page of this website

Monmouth Transportation System Plan 


In June 2009, Monmouth adopted an updated Transportation System Plan (TSP).  The TSP identifies transportation issues and planned improvements through 2030.  The TSP addressed various modes of transportation including pedestrian, bicycle, auto and transit.


Monmouth Transportation System Plan

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