Dog Licenses

All dogs within the city limits must be licensed with the City of Monmouth once they are six months old.  Dog licenses are issued at City Hall.  To license your pet bring a current, valid rabies certificate and proof of spay or neuter if applicable.  Accepted payment methods are cash, check or money order. 

License fees are as follows:

Spayed/Neutered Dogs
1 Year - $10.00
3 Year - $26.00
13 - 36 Month - $1.00/month (max of $26.00)

Non-Spayed/Neutered Dogs
1 Year - $25.00
3 Year - $75.00
13 - 36 Month - $2.00/month (max of $75.00)

A maximum of four dogs is permitted.  It is the responsibility of the pet owner to obtain and maintain a valid dog license.  Cats do not require a license.