Police Forms

The Mission of the Monmouth Police Department is to create a safe community and a feeling of security by providing the highest quality of professional law enforcement services to every citizen.

With this we also feel that communication between the citizens and the Police Department should not be limited.  We have placed some of our forms below that you may fill out prior to coming into the Police Department so that we may help you quicker when you arrive.

 You may fax, mail or bring your completed forms to the Monmouth Police Department.

  • Trespass Letter of Consent Form
    A Trespass Letter of Consent is a document that allows a police officer to immediately act on your behalf, and take enforcement action against a person trespassing on your private property without first contacting you. 
  • Vacation House Check Form 
    This form is used to request the Monmouth Police Department to check your house for you while you are on vacation.

  • Reporting an Ordinance Violation 
    This form is used for you to report an ordinance violation that does not require immediate response by an officer. This form should be used to report such violations as an abandoned vehicles, build up of garbage, abandoned appliances, or anything else that is an attractive nuisance.

  • Patrol Observation Form 
    Fill out and submit this form to request a time to ride with an officer. You may do this one time per year.

  • Public Record Request Form
    This form must be filled out and submitted to request public records from the Monmouth Police Department.
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